Submission Guidlines

Submission Guidlines

 1. The contributors are expected to send original articles (along with an abstract of 150-200 words, and 5-6 key words and author’s bio-note (including designation, email address), in third person), recent book reviews and film reviews, not published anywhere before. Plagiarism will not be entertained.

2. Contributors are requested to follow the basic rules for their articles: i)Word-limits: Minimum 3000 & Maximum 5000 (strictly within the limit) ii)Documentation must strictly follow MLA style (8th ed.) both for English & Bengali articles. Foot notes should be strictlyavoided. iii) Typing and file format is MS-Word document format (*.doc/*.docx) iv)Page size: A4 (8.27 inches X 11.69 inches) v) Margin should be normal (1 inch on all sides) vi) Times New Roman as font should be strictly maintained for articles in English & Samit for articles in Bengali Open Eye: International Journal of Social Sciences, Literature, Commerce & Allied Areas (an bi-annual,double-blind-peer-reviewed print journal) ISSN: 2249-4332 Page 2 of 2 vii) Font size will be 12 pt throughout the paper; 14 pt in the title only. Line spacing should be 1.5. viii) Usually nothing is underlined or set in bold face in a research paper. ix) The titles of books or lengthy works are set in italics. A few significant words or nonEnglish words can also be italicised. x) The main paper should be Justified; The title, researcher’s name, and “Works Cited” headings should be centre aligned. xi) Always use double quotation marks, wherever necessary. Put the titles of articles, poems, stories, essays, and so on within double inverted commas. xii) Use three dots to omit lines/words within a quotation, and put the three dots within square brackets. If the three dots are there in the original text, do not use square brackets, and write after parenthetical hints “ellipsis in original”. xiii) “0.5” on the left side of long quotations (make a separate paragraph if the quotation is about 35 words or more, and then indent it).

3. Contributors are requested to send author's 'bio-note' (with official e-mail address) in third person singular number.

4. No inquiry regarding the acceptability and acceptance of the essays mailed is permitted.

5. Any form of canvassing on part of the contributor is not allowed.

6. After proper verification and editing (if necessary), the articles will undergo a doubleblind-peer-reviewing process which means that neither the reviewer nor the author will know the identity of each other. If the reviewer approves the article only then an acceptance letter will be sent to the author but if the reviewer suggests some changes, the author will be asked to rework on the article once again and the paper will be accepted for publication only if it finally meets the requirements. In case the reviewer disapproves the article, it will be straightway considered to be rejected.

7. Reproduction of the contents of this journal in whole or in part without prior permission of the Editorial Board is prohibited and is subject to legal action.

8. The author is expected to mail (in a separate attachment along with the paper) a complete corresponding address including his/her Contact & WhatsApp Number and official e-mail address.

Submission Process: Mail your articles papers at: Articles submitted at the editors' personal email shall not be entertained.